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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Residual Affiliate Income for Life - Chapter 1

Just about everyone involved in Internet marketing is talking about how great it is to make money with Bum Marketing using articles. And it’s true, articles using the Bum Marketing Method are an awesome and easy way to make money online. And the best part is, there is more than one way to rake in large amounts of cash!

You may already know that by using Bum Marketing you can create articles that generate free traffic to your website and get you sales for what ever it is that you are selling. However, there are many other methods that you can make money with your articles hand-over-fist. This Ebook is going to show you several ways to make money with what you are already doing with Bum Marketing.

The Bum Marketing articles you are writing can send traffic to websites you are promoting as an affiliate and get you long term residual income in the form of affiliate commissions, which I’m sure you already know by now.

Did you know that you can use your Bum Marketing articles at the same time using other methods to bring large amounts of instant cash straight into your PayPal account!

By now you may know that you can create websites full of meaningful content with AdSence ads and easily generate much more than $20 per month per site per month by simply submitting your bum marketing articles to Ezinearticles, SearchWarp and GoArticles. If you have AdSense sites you want to use both techniques. You will see instant results in the way of traffic and CT’s using Bum Marketing for your AdSense sites.

Here is one of the Biggest money making secrets I have found to drive instant cash straight into my PayPal account! Did you know that with only 10 to 20 on topic niche Bum Marketing articles you can quickly create your own reports and Ebooks using your Bum Marketing niche articles and sell them on forums, their own mini sites, and or sell Resell Rights, Master Resale Rights and or Private Label Rights to your reports and Ebooks!

You can get anywhere from $7 to $97 per report and or Ebook you create!

Are you already writing Bum Marketing articles? For every niche you can write 10 to 20 articles on all sorts of subjects to do with your niche topic and you can be earning a very nice income! With each 10 to 20 niche focused articles you can create your own product. You already have all your niche content right in front of you!

I’ve made over $4,000 using these techniques from selling one single Ebook straight into my PayPal account! And with the help of a 9 page free report I pulled in over $500 straight into my PayPal account within 7 days! If I can do it, so can YOU!

People are hungry for on topic quality niche products with Resell Rights! They are marketers who don’t have the time or desire to create their own products and this is where the smart Bum Marketers like myself come to the rescue!

Why split your commission only using ClickBank and other affiliate programs when you can keep 100% of the profits by creating your own products using your Bum Marketing articles that you are already writing? You already know enough about the niche if you are writing articles about it.

ClickBank and other affiliate programs are fantastic ways to make money but using these other methods you can make money much faster and get paid instantly right into your PayPal account! Why wait over 2 weeks to get paid? I like checks but I prefer instant cash into my PayPal account

You can also use Private Label Right products and combine other related niche type of Private Label Right products such as Ebooks, reports and other related niche articles to create a completely new Private Label Right product.

The idea of creating Private Label Right material from multiple sources to develop something completely new is one of the secret Golden Keys to this system for making 100% profits hand-over-fist! The great benefit to marketers looking for Private Label Right products is that there will be nothing exactly like your product. The beautiful part is that you will have full rights to your products forever! Many affiliate products from ClickBank may come and go but with your own created products you can have full control for life!

The truth is, there are many ways to make money by way of writing Bum Marketing articles and this Ebook teaches you the most profitable and simple ways to do it. Plus, other ways on how to create great articles that generate traffic as quickly and effortlessly as possible!

Always try to think “out of the box” with everything you are doing with Bum Marketing! If you are writing, why not get paid as much as possible! I don’t mind making $20 per month for ½ to 1 hour of my time but I know I’m worth at least $100 per hour. How about you?

WARNING! Before we get started I’d like to give you a little piece of advice. Try NOT to speed read through this EBook like most people will do! If you can afford the paper and ink it very well may be worth your time and money to print this EBook out to refer to as you build your Bum Marketing Empire! You may miss one vital piece of information and or secret that can take your Bum Marketing efforts to the next level!

Moving on…

To put it as plain and simple as possible, resale rights (particularly private label rights) are AWESOME! They are one of the best things to ever happen to internet marketing and thousands of people have made a fortune or at least a good living from resell rights. You do need to know how resell rights work for creating products using your Bum Marketing articles that you are writing on specific niches.

There are two basic ways to make money with resell rights:

• A person can either buy resell rights to someone else’s product which will give them the right to sell it and keep 100% of the profits.

• Or, a person can sell resell rights to other people who want to have rights to sell a product and keep 100% of the profits.

And that is the two basic ways you can make money with resell rights. So what’s so awesome about that?

First of all, if a person has no time to create their own products, no experience, lazy or they simply want to get started with making money on the internet as soon as humanly possible, a person can simple buy resell rights to a product (which will usually come with an already made sales letter and graphics), upload the product to the internet and BAM! They have their own online business!

This is what Internet Marketers are looking for. Products that are already created and can easily be plugged into to bring fast profits!

Basically, buying resell rights allows a person to start their own online business in under a fact, it can take as little as an hour!

Ok, so with resell rights one can start an online business almost instantly. And you can fill that need by using your Bum Marketing niche focused articles to create products! But that is just one of the many reasons resell rights are so awesome. I’ve covered making money by buying resell rights, but what about selling them?

Believe it or not, selling resell rights can be even more profitable than buying them! Here’s why...

First of all, because resell rights are the absolute easiest and fastest way to start an online business, A LOT of people are buying resell rights. Just take a look at the Warrior Special Offer section and you will see several people buying these type of products. In fact, most people that buy resell rights usually buy resell rights to more than one product.

And why not?

Instead of buying resell rights to just one product and setting up one online business, why not buy a whole bunch and set up a lot of businesses? And that is exactly what a lot of people that buy resell rights do on the Warrior forum and other places.

Ok, so resell rights are HOT and a lot of people are looking to buy them. So that’s one reason to start creating products and selling resell rights.

But in my opinion, the main reason why selling resell rights is so great is because of the price you can sell them at.

You can sell resell rights to your own products for anywhere from just $10 to over $1,000! So it allows you to have a high priced item that is actually a hot seller.

And that is a great way to make a lot of money. All the big names in Internet Marketing make big bucks selling high ticket items. $97 e-books, $197 software and even $997 DVD courses. And unless someone is already an expert they probably don’t have the experience and knowledge to create such high priced products or even the desire.

A Bum Marketer will know their niche inside and out after researching and writing 10 to 20 Bum Marketing articles! You are already holding the keys to creating products. Why not get paid more ways than one.

When you sell resell rights, you are not only selling an Ebook, report or ecourse. You are not teaching people how to do something, no, what you are doing is actually selling a business that people can actually start making money with!

And in most cases, giving somebody a business they can actually make money with is a lot more valuable than simply telling them how to create it themselves. Plus, it’s a lot more appealing as well.

Ok, I’ll stop now because I could go on for another 100 pages telling you why resell rights are an awesome way to make money using your Bum Marketing articles as content to easily create them. Now let’s get started by looking at the different types of resell rights available for sale... This is a very important aspect of this type of business to understand.

Choosing Resell Rights - Chapter 2

As you may already know, there are many different kinds of resell rights that you can buy or sell. Here are the main kinds:

• Resell Rights

Gives the right to resell a product: This can apply to both physical and digital products. Where digital product is concerned, you resell the product and keep 100% of the profits without losing the enjoyment of the same product as digital products are duplicable in nature.

• Basic Resell Rights

You have the right to resell the product but your customer does not have the right to resell it to another. You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make.

• Master Resell Rights

You have the right to resell the product as well as the Basic Resell Rights itself to your customers. Your customers can in turn resell the same book to their customers. The Master Resell Rights can either be bundled together with the purchase of the product or purchased separately from the product.

• Private Label Rights

This is the grand daddy of all resell rights! Buying Private Label Rights usually give you the right to change the product in any way you like, put your own name on it, sell resell rights or even master resell rights to others and basically use and treat the product as it were your own creation.

• Give Away Rights

You can give the product away for free. In most cases, however, you cannot resell and/or edit it.

I've always preferred to make money constantly even if the project is only half done or in progress. I find it gives me incentive to keep going.

Back to the business plan.

I am going to give you a simple, easy and extremely fast step-by-step plan on setting up your very own online business in under 24 hours!

Step by Step 24hr Set Up - Chapter 3

NOTE: This plan is a basic plan to set up your business as fast as possible for creating resell rights products and making money by selling them. I will not walk you through this whole process holding your hand, I will simply give you a simple yet profitable plan you can easily follow. There are plenty of ways to sell products you have created. Let’s get started...

Step 1: Get a payment processor to accept online payments

This is very important, as most of your customers will be paying by credit card. And the best part is, this can be done for free and in as little as a few minutes. Most of you should already have PayPal.

The best and most popular online payment processor is Paypal. Paypal enables you to accept credit card payments as well as e-checks and Paypal transfers directly to your Paypal account.

You can sign up for Paypal for free at: , this will only take a few minutes!

Other good online payment processors are:

Step 2: Get web hosting and domain name

You need web hosting in order to upload your website and products to the internet. You will have to pay a monthly fee in order to have your website on the internet, but that fee can be as low as $10 a month. Go to 1and1 to get cheap and affordable hosting at:

You need a domain name to have a small and professional web address that people can easily remember and visit your site any time they like.

A domain name looks like this: and usually ends in .com , .net , .org , .tv

Go to to register your domain name for under $10 per year!

Step 3: Create Resell rights products!

For places to find good resell right products that are being sold everyday, you can go to: - go to the Warrior Special Offer section and take a look at the many available products. You can also buy resell rights to these products. Try NOT to limit yourself to one way of making money online.

There are many websites selling resell rights on the internet that are looking for new products everyday.

Step 4: Upload the product to the internet

Once you have created a resell rights product you want to sell it. The next step is to upload it to the internet and set up the payment processor.

This is the reason you need web hosting and a domain name. You need the hosting to upload the mini site and sales letter that you create to sell the resell rights products that you have ready for sale, and the domain name will be the web address to your new website.

Uploading a website is very easy, but if you have trouble there are hundreds of people that can do it for you. You can either go to the Warrior forum and pay someone to do it for you or ask one of your friends... either way, you can easily find someone to do it for you for a small price, or even for free.

And that’s it! There are plenty of places to sell your products you have created from your Bum Marketing writing efforts and cash in on Resell Rights!

This is one of those money machines that will make you money on demand for life!

Easy Instant Cash Payments - Chapter 4

When I first started writing I thought I had to write mammoth 200 page Ebooks and provide every bit of information on a topic to make any money at all, but what I found is, I make more money by keeping everything short and to the point as possible. This Ebook is actually considered a bit long for today’s standards, but I like to over-deliver.

I’ve been using this method for the past 3 months to quietly fill my PayPal account with nice little $6 and $7 cash payments. In fact I’m the original guy who put a link to this site called in one of my free secret reports! But some of you may not realize how easy it can be to add this nice extra income using your Bum Marketing articles that you are already writing anyways! It only takes about 5 minutes to add an article to Associated Content once your account is set up! There have since been entire Warrior Special Offers on this one single discovery. Proof is worth 1,000 words! Here are just a couple of payments that went straight into my PayPal account! There nothing like seeing “Payment From Associated Content” for articles I’m already writing anyways to use for Bum Marketing

There are some rules with Associated Content that you should be aware of listed on their site to receive payment. Primarily you have to be a legal resident of the United States and must be 18 years old to get your PayPal payments.

Keyword Research Tools Chapter - 5 (spy on others campaigns) (very fast) (free trial) (Overture based)

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